You could be at risk of a Tax Investigation

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Could you be affected?

A recent HMRC crackdown brought in £34.9bn in unpaid taxes from businesses, individuals and public bodies

Powerful new software can trace even the smallest discrepancy in spending or earnings, prompting an investigation into individuals and businesses. 83% of tax investigations are triggered by HMRC's ‘Connect’ system.


Anyone who submits a tax return is a potential target

Call in the experts

If HMRC states its intention to investigate your tax payments don’t panic.


Call us – your dedicated accountant and best defence. We will translate the many complicated questions HMRC may pose, manage the entire conversation with HMRC, help you submit any required information and minimise the impact on your business or personal life.


However, the cost of supporting you throughout an investigation is not covered in our usual accountancy fees.

This is where our Tax Enquiry Protection Service comes in.

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